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High Heat Resistance Titanium Alloy for Motorcycle and Automobile by Nippon Steel

- Latest Titanium Alloy for Exhaust System, -

Able to use thinner tube for exhaust system by using alloy characteristic.

"Change CP 1mm Titanium to S-TIXCUNB 0.8mm.

20% lighter weight.
Reduce Cost and Energy Saving.

(1) < Needs of Characteristic of Titanium Alloy for Exhaust System >

  • Light Weight, High Corrosion Resistance(Usual Titanium Character)
  • High Temp Strength: High Strength at High Temp over 600℃.
    : Less deformation at long term use.
  • Oxidization Resistance: Small Thickness loss at High Temp Over 800℃.
  • Formability: Bend, Stretch, Draw formability equal or better than Gr2 CP Titanium.
  • Welding: Equal to Gr2 Cp Titanium.

(1) < CP Titanium is coming to the limit of Durability and Oxidization >

  • Advance of high temp Oxidization is fast in Race use.
  • Advance of Thickness Loss of Collector at high temp is fast.
  • 4 wheels exhaust have less air cooling than 2 wheels, Difficult to use CP Titanium to whole System.
  • CP Titanium can not be used for exhaust manifold.

(3) < Characteristic >

  • Better strength at high heat compared to CP Titanium
  • Better fatigue strength at high heat compared to Cp Titanium
  • Equal formability to CP Gr2 Titanium
  • Better oxidization resistance than CP Titanium
  • Good welding properties

Suitable alloy for exhaust system.

Motorcycle Head Pipe, Mid Pipe, Tail pipe, Collector and Silencer
Automobile Center Pipe, Tail Pipe, Silencer.

- Formability - - TIG Welding and Cold formability -
純チタン材では耐久・耐酸化性がすでに限界にきている?! 純チタン材では耐久・耐酸化性がすでに限界にきている?!
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(4) < Size List >


t0.8mm O O
t0.8mm O O
t1.2mm O O
t1.5mm O O

(Tube) Length 4000mm

Φ35.0x1.0 O O
Φ38.1x0.8 O O
Φ38.1x1.0 O O
Φ41.0x1.0 O O
Φ41.3x1.0 O O
Φ42.7x1.0 O O
Φ45.0x1.0 O O
Φ48.6x0.8 O O
Φ48.6x1.0 O O
Φ48.6x1.2 O O
Φ50.8x1.0 O O
Φ60.5x1.0 O O
Φ60.5x1.2 O O
Φ70.0x1.2 O O