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Product Information

The three-way catalyst is a purifying device set up in the exhaust pipe, and effective in a wide variety of engine applications especially for motorcycles and motor vehicles.
In side becomes like honeycomb, powdery metal catalyst such as Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium are adhered and fixed.
Metal honeycomb catalyst reduce the oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide(CO), and hydro carbons(HC), into carbon dioxide(CO2), nitrogen (N2), and water (H2O).
We can conduct motor cycle catalyst performance/evaluation tests.

Catalyst Specifications

Product Code OUTER TUBE
OD x T x L (mm)
OD x L (mm)
SMS-33060 ø 33.0 x t1.0 x  60 ø 31.0 x  50 100cpsi
SMS-350100 ø 35.0 x t1.0 x 100 ø 33.0 x 100 100cpsi
SMS-43080 ø 43.0 x t1.5 x  80 ø 40.0 x  60 100cpsi
SMS-45060 ø 45.0 x t1.0 x  60 ø 43.0 x  60 100cpsi
SMS-45080 ø 45.0 x t1.0 x  80 ø 43.0 x  70 100cpsi
SMS-530100 ø 53.5 x t1.5 x 100 ø 50.5 x  90 100cpsi
SMS-56040 ø 56.3 x t1.5 x  40 ø 53.0 x  30 100cpsi
SMS-635050 ø 63.5 x t1.5 x  50 ø 60.5 x  40 100cpsi
SMS-635075 ø 63.5 x t1.5 x  75 ø 60.5 x  65 100cpsi
SMS-1050150/150 ø105.0 x t1.5 x 150 ø102.0 x 130 150cpsi
SMS-1050150/300 ø105.0 x t1.5 x 150 ø102.0 x 130 300cpsi

* All products are not for race use.
* Production is available in any specifications.
* Please feel free to inquire about diameter, free cell, free length.

Feel free to contact us.

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