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Product Information

Motorcycle / Automobile ) Magnesium Alloy Silencer

An industry first ! Magnesium Silencer announcement.
( now under development )

Product name
Magnesium alloy = AZ31 (ASTM Standard)

t0D8 x ø83~ø120 x L230~L500

Chemical composition (%)
Al=2.5-3.5, Zn=0.5-1.5, Mn†0.2, Fe…0.03, Si…0.10, Cu…0.10, Ni…0.005, Ca…0.04, and Mg.


Comparison of properties among metal materials

  Specific gravity Young's modulus (GPa) Tensile strength (MPa) 0.2% Proof strength Specific strength
Magnesium (AZ31) 1.8 45 250 240 140
Pure titanium 4.51 106 360 180 80
SUS304 7.93 199 580 270 75
Aluminum (5052) 2.7 71 290 250 109

Forming method
Roll Formig

Welding Method
TIG welding (plus)

Surface treatment
Place Mg in a slightly alkaline solvent, remove surface oxide membrane, fingerprints etc.
Next place in a water solution and finally bake. This hardens the surface membrane.
Because the membrane coats the crystals on Mg evenly, unlike normal treatment methods,
it is possible to prevent corrosion. Also, this membrane cuts infra-red radiation and
prevents color change in the metal materials keeping their original condition as well as making staining from finger prints and dirt easier to remove.
Because there is a surface strength of gover 8h the materials can withstand a certain degree of shock. Temperature resistance is approximately 200Ž\250Ž.

1.Mg is the lightest of practical metals and has 2/3 the specific gravity of aluminum and 1/4 that of iron.
2.Mg has the greater specific strength than iron or aluminum.
3.Mg has the greatest vibration absorption of industrial metals
4.Easy cutting and sag resistant.
5.There is little change to dimensions even if temperature or time periods are changed.

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